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publication : Thursday 15 August 2013

Verbwheels For Sale

Anyone who has used a Verbwheel before will know how incredibly useful they can be when it comes to mastering the grammar of a foreign language. With this in mind, we are now selling our very own Alliance Française irregular verb Verbwheels, so our students can see for themselves how great these little circular memory-joggers are!

These pocket-sized grammar reference tools are sure to help you with your French studies for years to come. Simply turn the wheel until the arrow indicates the infinitive of the desired verb, and the present indicative, passé compose, imperfect, future, conditional and present subjunctive forms of that verb are all cleverly displayed!

Easy to pop into your pocket or bag, and with so much information crammed into so little space, you will soon be wondering how on earth you ever managed without yours. To get your hands on one (or several!) pop into the office (please note early closure on most days and holiday periods over the summer) or phone us to have them delivered straight to your door! We think you’ll agree that at £3 each, they’re a great bargain.

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