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publication : Tuesday 20 February 2018

DVDs: Our monthly selection for March 2018

Discover a new selection of DVDs now available at the Alliance Française’s library!

Voyage à travers le cinéma français, Bertrand Tavernier (2016)

Acclaimed French director, screenwriter, actor and producer Bertrand Tavernier looks at the rich history of French cinema and its impact on his life, from his youth as a movie bluff to his own career as a filmmaker. Along the way, he explores the works of other fillmakers such as Jacques Becker, Jean-Pierre Melville, Claude Sautet, François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godart.

Watch the trailer here.

Un homme à la hauteur, Laurent Tirard (2016)

Diane is brilliant, beautiful, witty and a formidable lawyer. She’s just put in an end in a toxic, unhappy marriage and she is finally considering the idea of meeting someone new. A series of faithful events lead Diane to receive a phone call from the mysterious Alexandre, who has found her lost mobile. Courteous, funny and effortlessly charming he soon wins Diane over ... and before she knows it, she’s agreed to a date. But their first meeting is not quite what either of them expected...

Watch the trailer here.

L’avenir , Mia Hansen-Love (2016)

Nathalie (Isabelle Huppert) teaches philosophy at a high school in Paris and divides her remaining time between her family, former students and her eccentric mother. But when her husband announces he is leaving her for another woman she founds a newfound freedom suddenly thrust upon her that is simultaneously liberating and disconcerting.

Watch the trailer here.

3 Coeurs, Benoit Jacquot (2014)

A touching and tense drama about destiny, connections and passion, 3 Hearts presents a headily romantic look at a classic love triangle.
One night in provincial France, Marc meets Sylvie after missing his train back to Paris. Instantly and intensely drawn to one another, they wander through the streets until morning in rare, almost choreographed, harmony. A thwarted plan for a second meeting sends each in a separate direction - Sylvie reunites with her ex and leaves France; Marc falls in love and marries. What neither knows is that Marc’s new bride is Sylvie’s sister, Sophie (Chiara Mastroianni). Upon Sylvie’s return to France, the spark between her and Marc is reignited in ways that will forever alter the relationships between sister to sister and husband to wife.

Watch the trailer here.

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