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publication : Monday 10 April 2017

Fête de l’Europe: Special screening of short films

To celebrate La Fête de l’Europe 2017 we are delighted to invite you to a special screening of eight European short films in partnership with Eurochannel.

A unique event, this event invites viewers to follow talented directors on an exciting exploration of Europe. It translates a vivid image of the Europe’s diversity, as well as its identity as a whole. The programme is a reflection of that complexity, with different genres, themes and languages. The theme is "A League of Their Own".

Free event but ticketed, register online by clicking here


All cats are pink in the dark / La nuit tous les chats sont roses (2015, France)
Directed by Guillaume Renusson.
Seventeen-year-old Alice doesn’t feel comfortable with her body. As she gets ready for an internship interview, Alice can’t take anymore and storms out of her house to get some air. That’s when she meets Lola.

Have you got a minute? /Ce L’hai Un Minuto? (2013, Italy)
Directed by Alessandro Bardani.
A comedy about cultural and linguistic barriers. The story of Oreste and Madhi is the story of a meeting between two completely different people, who will share a surreal journey through memories, hopes and dreams. After all, loneliness is the only true barrier between human beings.

Shhh (2015, UK)
Directed by Nick Rizzini.
Luke falls for a mysterious girl who is clearly attracted to him but prevents any kind of verbal communication. This propels them to have a nonverbal exchange, making them reflect on communication and on what it means to live in the moment.

Botev is an idiot (2012, Bulgaria)
Directed by Deyan Bararev.
Vasko has written an essay that questions Hristo Botev, who is widely considered by Bulgarians as a national hero. When the headmaster of the school herself, offended by the essay, interrogates him in front of the whole class, Vasko explains that he meant something entirely different.

Petit Flirt (2014, Greece)
Directed by Yiannis Bournazos.
Demosthenis, a shy scientist, meets the beautiful and charming Eleana, a suspiciously good-willing stranger. His desire to know her better triggers intense erotic fantasies and causes anxiety, which lead to reckless water consumption! Her glamour, combined with his overblown bladder, provoke a romantic encounter.

Finding Richard (2014, UK)
Directed by Rhys Davies.
On hearing that the bones of Richard III have been found, Gull, a young boy, begins his own archaeological quest. Helping him on this journey is his granddad, himself a dreamer who sees something of himself in Gull. But what Gull finds isn’t quite what he - or his granddad- expected.

Venue: Alliance Française Glasgow
Date: Tuesday 9th May
Time: 6-7.30pm

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