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publication : Saturday 8 April 2017

Franco-German Film Series at the CCA

Laughter is good for your soul! This year’s film collaboration between the Goethe Institut and the Alliance Française will stand under the heading of comedy.

Though the sense of humor varies according to national history and culture, it still manages to reach people regardless of age, gender, race and across country borders.
Within the scope of the German-Franco film series the two institutes each presents two movies produced in their respective country focusing on different kinds of comedy.

By screening dramatic, romantic and more cheerful, ribald comedy, the series is sure to hit everyone’s nerve and boost the anticipation for the upcoming summer.
Enjoy four entertaining evenings at the CCA with successful and popular movies of the past years from Germany and France.

Venue: Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD

Free event, but ticketed. Register by clicking here

Soul Kitchen , 05.05.2017, 6.30pm
Directed by Fatih Akin (2009), 99mn

After a heartbreak, Greek restaurateur Zinos decides to leave his beloved diner in the hands of his brother, Ilias. But soon, his neighborhood "soul kitchen" is taken over by the mob and in debt. He decides to re-open with a hotshot chef, but will his loyal clientele — used to bad food and good company — ever return?

Watch the trailer here.

9 mois ferme , 19.05.2017, 6.30pm
Directed by Albert Dupontel (2013), 82mn

Ariane Felder, an old-fashioned single magistrate is pregnant. This is all the more surprising since, according to DNA tests, the father is no other than Bob, a criminal. Ariane, who does not remember anything, tries to understand what happened.

The film won 2 Césars: Best Actress for Sandrine Kiberlain and Best Original Screenplay.

Watch the trailer here.

Fack ju Göhte, 02.06.2017, 6.30pm
Directed by Bora Da?tekin (2013), 118mn

Bank robber Zeki Müller has just been out of prison. In order to repay a debt, Zeki applies for the vacant position of a deceased janitor at the Goethe Gesamtschule. However, due to a misunderstanding, he is given a job as a substitute teacher.

Watch the trailer here.

Dans la cour, 15.06.2017, 6.30pm
Directed by Pierre Salvadori (2014), 97mn

Antoine quits his rock band, takes a job caring for an old building in Paris, and develops a close friendship with a recently retired woman (played by Catherine Deneuve), who fears she is going crazy.

Watch the trailer here.

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