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publication : Friday 17 June 2016

French Online Courses

Our French online courses give you the flexibility to study where you like and when you like!

Our new French online courses give you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever you like. Learn French at your own pace with individualized support from our tutors, at a time and place which suit you, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go!

Our 100% online courses are available from levels A1 (Beginners) to level B2 (Advanced). Each course module contains 5-6 units and provides a total of approximately 50-60 hours of independent learning, distributed over 12-14 weeks. Over those weeks, a wide range of multimedia learning materials will be made available to you online, allowing you to gain independent reading and listening practice.

Benefits of our online courses:

  • You can organize your schedule on your own with your tutor (subject to tutors’ availability)
  • You get personalized help and guidance from a tutor throughout your training.
  • You are never completely alone: weekly 45 minutes Skype chats and email communication with your tutor are included in the training
  • Your tutor is one of our experienced and qualified French instructors
  • You work on a user-friendly platform with a large diversity of documents
  • You work on and improve all 4 skills (listening, writing, reading, & speaking) to get better results faster
  • As a member of the Alliance Française, you get free access to Europresse which provides around 1500 magazines & newspapers online

You will have the opportunity to get a weekly 45-minute Skype chat with your tutor so you can practice your speaking skills and correct your writing skills. During this conversation, he/she will review your homework, correct your pronunciation, answer your questions, and of course provide you with any additional learning support you need to complete the course.

Our 100% online French courses are run flexibly throughout the year - we can start a class with you whenever suits you!


  • £450 for each Beginner level (A1.1 & A1.2): approximately 50 hours of independent learning + 10 Skype chats of 45mins with your tutor over 10-12 weeks
  • £549 for each Intermediate (A2.1 & A2.2) and Advanced (B1.1, B1.2, B1.3 / B2.1, B2.2, B2.3) level: approximately 60 hours of independent learning + 12 Skype chats of 45mins with your tutor over 12-14 weeks

If you wish to enrol, or for more information, please contact Shona Miller by email: assistant@afglasgow.org.uk

Technical requirements:
Access to multimedia tools and Skype, speakers, Internet connection (preferably ADSL), and up-to-date Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Browser: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer v.6 or higher.

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